Arnold Winzer

Born in 1953 in Klosters – married – father of three children and nonno of eight grandchildren.

After primary and secondary school in Klosters, I attended the cantonal school in Chur for two years. The dry theory of the school was not to my taste, so I decided to do a four-year apprenticeship as a car mechanic in Davos. Even then during my first apprenticeship, welding was an exciting subject for me.

After recruit school, I traveled to New Zealand for two years and worked in various fields to keep my head above water.

Back in Klosters I started my apprenticeship as a painter, then I continued my education to become a foreman and passed the master craftsman’s examination. Today I still work as an expert for master examinations in Zurich – my specialties are stylistics and decoration techniques.

First in my parents’ painting business as a partner, and since 1993 as the sole owner, I have been particularly enthusiastic about artistic activities – be it paintings, decorations, lettering or sgraffito.

Today, in my studio at Doggilochstrasse 31 in Klosters, I am mainly occupied with arts and crafts. Welding inspires and fascinates me very much! For this purpose I collect scrap metal and then create larger and smaller art objects.

I also paint pictures in the meantime, their subjects are very different. Often they are created from notes from my sketchbooks, which I always have with me as a diary – I record all travel, leisure and other events in it.